Quadrabathe Combo Animal Bathing System


Quadrabathe Combo Animal Bathing System

The Quadrabathe Combo Animal Bathing System combines the Single Bathing System with the 4 Product Selector. This dog bathing system will allow you to use up to 4 products and make your selection with the turn of a knob. Reduce your cleaning times by half. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions needs or concerns.

With the revolutionary Quadrabathe animal bathing system you can be sure you’ll have a cleaner and much happier pet faster than ever before. Say goodbye to hand scrubbing and an aching back. Increase productivity and cut your bathing time in half. The Quadrabathe Dog Bathing System is available in two different models. The Quadrabathe Single Bathing System allows you to use one shampoo or conditioner at a time.The combo unit allows you to hook up 4 different products,(shampoo or conditioner) which enables you to choose with the turn of the knob.


“Jeff thank you thank you thank you..my Quadra Bathe is everything you assured me it would be and more…I have been extremely busy here and had to do three Afghans last Sunday..Time in bath and dry just under 4 hours.. Washed one of the Borzoi just before dinner tonight…Really the Quadra Bathe has made life so easy..It is easy to switch out from shampoo to conditioner, and back. I do have a basin that I have the Afghans put their feet in, as I wet and shampoo..The best part is I get the best conditioning mix ever..very even..Again thank you…



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