MIM Variocage MiniMax 1

MIM Variocage MiniMax



The MIM Variocage MiniMax is a single pet crate, designed for your smaller dog or cat. This style of Variocage has a smaller footprint to fit a variety of vehicles, while still retaining ample vehicle cargo storage.  The bars on the MiniMax are closer together to prevent smaller pets from squeezing between the bars.  The MiniMax is available in two sizes, to meet both your vehicle and pet needs.



Cage WeightShipping Weight
MiniMax – Large
21.65 – 30.3117.7117.9122.05 lbs28.66 lbs
MiniMax – X Large
21.65 – 30.3121.8517.9126.45 lbs30.9 lbs


All MIM Variocage styles are equipped with the following safety features:

  • Engineered to simulate your vehicle’s crumple zones, to compress in an accident, while not harming either your pet or passengers.
  • Thoroughly crash tested for rear, front, and rollover collisions.
  • All Variocages have a perfect safety record for more than 10 years.
  • Constructed of steel and telescoping poles, it is both strong and flexible – able to absorb impact, while still being adjustable.
  • Variocages have built in key locks (with key) for added safety and security for your pet.
  • Equipped with an emergency escape hatch, to release your pet in the event the primary door is blocked during an accident.
  • Fitted with a rubber floor mat, for your pet’s comfort and an easy clean up.
  • No vehicle modifications are needed, MIM Variocage MiniMax installs easily into your vehicle.
  • The MIM Safe Variocage has been certified to meet or exceed stringent crash test safety standards, and is recognized as the most rigorously tested pet crate in the world.

Variocages are available in 14 sizes, in various styles – find the one that works best for your vehicle, pet, and lifestyle.