MIM Variocage Double 1

MIM Variocage Double



MIM Variocage Double is the only crash test certified and approved dog cage on the market, it is designed and constructed to deliver the highest level of safety, using telescoping steel rods and simulating vehicle crumple zones to provide safety and security to both your pets and passengers.  The MIM Variocage Double is proven to stand up to front end collisions, rear impacts, and vehicle rollovers, and it is the most rigorously tested dog transport cage in the world.


Cage WeightShipping Weight
Double – Small
28.74- 38.9736.6123.2275.0 lbs84.9 lbs
Double – Medium
29.92 – 40.5536.6125.5975.0 lbs84.9 lbs
Double – Large
29.92 – 40.5538.9725.5979.4 lbs89.3 lbs
Double – X Large
31.89 – 40.5538.9728.1479.4 lbs89.3 lbs
Double – XX Large
31.89 – 40.5541.7328.1482.7 lbs92.6 lbs
Double – MAX
36.22 – 45.6641.7333.26111.1 lbs124.6 lbs


MIM Variocage Double –  Crash Tested and Certified

The Variocage Double allows for a divider to be inserted into the center of the crate to divide equal areas for two pets, moved to give one pet more room than the other, or removed completely to make one large crate area for your pet.

  • MIM Safe Variocages come in 14 adjustable sizes to fit most vehicle sizes and pet needs. The depth of the cages are also adjustable to make switching vehicles quick and easy.
  • The Variocage doors have built-in locks (keys included) for security, and pet owners also have the ability to lock the cage with a padlock, using the padlock mounting tabs.
  • Variocages are constructed with the safety of your passengers and pets in mind, built with high quality powder coated steel to be both strong and flexible for protection in a collision.
  • Each crate has an emergency escape hatch so that pets can still be released if the rear door cannot be opened or if the keys are misplaced.
  • No vehicle modifications are required, the MIM Variocage Double installs easily by attaching straps to anchor points in your vehicle.
  • Rubber mats in the base of the crate allows for both comfort for your pet and an easy clean up.
  • Variocages are quiet, with no distracting rattling noises.