Fastrack Canine Microbial Supplement


Fastrack Canine Microbial Supplement


Fastrack Canine Microbial Supplement aids digestion and helps improve stamina and hair coat
Helps build a strong foundation for a lifetime of canine well-being and companionship. Canine Microbial Supplement contains lactic-acid-producing bacteria, live yeast, dried chicory root and enzymes to nourish your dog and maintain digestive tract health. Sprinkle on or mix in food daily for dogs of all ages; from weaning to senior dogs.

Minimum guaranteed analysis per 1 gram: 400 million colony-forming units of lactic acidproducing
bacteria (Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus) and 400 million live yeast
cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae); protease from Bacillus subtilis not less than 1,874 PC and
amylase from Bacillus subtilis and Aspergillus oryzae not less than 1,125 BAU.


Canine Microbial Supplement is for:
1. Puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds to maintain a healthy digestive tract,
peak performance and improved health.
2. Hunting, athletic and high-activity dogs. Especially dogs that are exposed to
various environments.
3. High-value show or breeding dogs as an insurance against digestive tract
health challenges.
Talking/Selling comments:
1. “Canine Microbial Supplement adds quality years to your best friend’s life.”
2. “Think of Canine Microbial Supplement as a reward for a life-time of
3. “Your puppy’s growth depends upon absorbing the nutrients for its food;
Canine Supplement helps your puppy and dog increase nutrient absorption.”
4. “There are other enzyme and microbial products on the market. However,
these other products do not offer the complete package provided by Fastrack.
5. “An analogy would be trying to build a house, but not protecting the house
from villains that take boards off the house when the builder is away. The
house needs to be built and also protected from those that would destroy the
house, and consequently the house is successfully completed. With the
Canine Microbial Supplement, the digestive tract is built, maintained,
defended and successfully completed.”
6. “The Canine Microbial Supplement enhances whole body health.”
7. “A program utilizing the Canine Microbial Supplement and Canine Microbial
Supplement cleans the digestive tract while enhancing diet utilization, while
enhancing whole body health and respiratory health



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