Fastrack Canine Gel


Fastrack Canine Gel provides added support for puppy development and dogs experiencing challenging conditions.
Supplements puppy nutrition at birth or during stressful periods with lactic acid-producing bacteria, live yeast cells, vitamins and other components to set the stage for a life-time of good health and performance. Easy-to-use unique gel formula should be applied between lower teeth and cheek at birth, weaning, worming or during periods of irregular feed intake and stress.

Dog owners are excited about the improved health and appearance of their animals receiving the Canine Microbial Gel. Puppies and mature dogs benefit from the gel at weaning, whelping, hunting, showing and during traveling. Canine Gel is a source live beneficial microorganisms, live yeast cells, vitamins, FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and specialized proteins for your dog’s digestive tract. FOS feeds the most desirable, health-promoting bacteria in the intestines. While the specialized proteins have shown effectiveness against Parvo-, Rota- and Corona viruses, as well as two strains of E. coli and salmonella. Canine Gel gives puppies a quick start in life and gets mature dogs eating again. Use 2-4cc depending upon size of dog or puppy.


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