Double K Model 401 Groomers Edge Power Clipper


Double K Model 401 Groomers Edge Power Clipper


Even the most matted, dirty, thick and/or wet hair can’t stand up to the Double K Model 401 Groomer’s Edge Power clipper!  With 5x the power (1/8 horsepower) of other clippers, the Power Clipper operates quietly (almost silent at lower speeds) and efficiently.

The smooth cutting and flexible speeds reduces the risk of serious cuts due to faulty/ineffective clippers.  For heavily matted animals requiring a complete clip-down, Power Clipper is simply the best.  Variable speeds and an incredibly high blade strokes/min ration (9000!) set the Power Clipper apart from other clippers.  The variable speed capability is perfect for use with young/inexperienced animals.

Power is transferred to the hand piece from the powerful motor through a unique cable-drive system.   This system keeps the handpiece cool throughout operation.  The clipper is equipped with a “quick detach” system to allow the operator greater versatility with a variety of optional attachments such as dental polishing and nail grinding.  The hand piece is also impact resistant.  It is also compatible with all blades that snap on.

Cable lengths include:  5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 20 ft.  Remember to include your preferred length when you order.

If you ever need to service your Power Clipper, Double K’s service centers are located throughout the US.

Limited warranty for one year and motor warranty for three years


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