Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer


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Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer

The Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer is the one of the most practical reliable stand dryers in the industry. There are many features highlighted below  which detail why this machine will not only surpass most all other dryers but its maintenance free motor really boosts its durability. Whether your a groomer, or a veterinarian, or dog show handler this dryer will  increase productivity and keep all your animals safe and comfortable. If you have specific questions or simply need help choosing the right dryer, please contact us today. Our highly specialized team will assist you in purchasing the best animal dryer for your needs.

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Features and technical information:

  • Includes 2 year limited warranty
  • Brushless 1/3 HP motor maintenance free motor
  • Centrifugal Impeller System
  • 260 Cu. Ft/min of  air flow. The most in the stand dryer market
  • Impeller design reduces noise level and
  • Sound dampening in intakes
  • 5 legged base creates a stable and durable stand
  • Effortless  height  adjustments because of spring loaded adjustable assembly
  • Variable air volume and heat setting controls
  • Ergonomic adjustment handles
  • Distinctive “motor under” configuration, creating a more stable base and noise  reduction by eliminating noise projected from the side of the dryer
  • 19 in. Up to 6ft. 8in off the ground head adjustment
  • Centrifugal impeller – Air flows with reduced  noise. Air is produced by high pressure to maximize air volume
  • Air intake with a filter to keep internal parts and impeller clean
  •  Add an optional accessory Kit  for $76.45 which includes:  one 6’ house, one Air Diffuser, one #862 Nozzle, 2  #863 Nozzles, One#863 Nozzle, Two #859 Cage Attachments

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