Double K Challengair 850 XL Series High Velocity Animal Stand Dryer

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Double K Challengair 850 Series High Velocity Animal Stand Dryer

The Double K CHALLENGAIR 850 High Velocity Dryer really is one of the most versatile dryers in the industry. This unit has no heating elements due to the “flo-thru” motor config. This dryer is able to produce heat up to 45 degrees above your room temperature. This helps save electric. There are many features listed below this dryer boasts. This forced air model dryer can also be used as a cage dryer as well. If you have specific questions, concerns, needs, or simply need professional advice before you make your purchase  Please do not hesitate to call and speak with an experienced representative, or simply fill out our contact form.

Specification and information:

  • Most efficient dyer sold today
  • Heats its own air
  • High velocity (248 CFM) air flow helps to dry your pet’s coat faster
  • Can be used  as a forced air dryer, cage dryer, or fluff dryer
  • Easy to clean and virtually noiseless
  • Options available include; portable or standing models
  • Twist on nozzles for added  flexibility