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Dog N Roll


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The Dog N Roll automatic, extendable leash enables you take your pet with you on a bike ride with a unique, hands-free and roll-up design.  Attaching the Dog N Roll to the bicycle seat post, allows you to keep your hands free for steering your bicycle, while getting exercise for both you and your pet.  This product is recommended for dogs who are comfortable walking or jogging alongside a bicycle, and do not pull or run off.

  • Hands-free design, allows you to take your dog along on bike rides
  • Excellent and fun way to exercise both you and your dog
  • Can be used on both paved Streets or off-road trails
  • Should be used on medium to large dogs, who are fully trained
  • Tangle-free, roll-up design – keeps you in control of the bicycle ride, not your dog
  • Maximum extension of 25.5” Length
  • Roll-up design keeps the leash at the optimum length for you and your pet
  • Best used on bicycle seat posts with a diameter of 1.1 – 1.25″
  • Installs easily, and easy to use

NOTE: Please use this product on dogs who are comfortable walking or running next to a bicycle.