Annamaet Impact-high-energy nutritional supplement for dogs


Annamaet Impact-high-energy nutritional supplement for dogs is a high-energy nutritional supplement that has many applications from use with the debilitated and post-surgical to supplementing the active canine.
High Quality Protein Impact uses four different top-quality animal proteins to get a complete and varied breakdown of amino acids.

  • Impact is fortified with optimum levels of vitamins and minerals to help with the coat and skin and in areas such as cell …..metabolism.
  • Impact contains Probiotics which maintain healthy gut flora and aid in digestion
  • Impact contains flax, a source rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.
  • Impact contains brewers yeast, a rich source of B vitamins, and a natural ingredient thought to aid in flea problems.
  • Impact contains Vitamin C, the anti-stress vitamin.
  • Impact contains Vitamin E, well known for its anti-oxidant activity.


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