Aaronco Shogun 9L 8 Lefty Grooming Shear


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Aaronco Shogun 9L 8 Lefty Grooming Shear

Centuries ago, when the Japanese Samurai lived or died by the sharpness of their swords, they mastered the craft of honing steel into its sharpest and strongest possible form.Today, that same tradition and master craftsmanship, forges the cobalt alloy stainless steel you will find in the Aaronco Shogun 9L 8 Lefty Grooming Shear.
These razor sharp works of art hold their edge like no other grooming shear and are precisely weighted and balanced for prolonged comfort during use reducing repetitive motion injuries.
In today’s competitive world of showing dogs, each dog deserves every advantage to help him shine above the others. Doesn’t your dog deserve the very best?


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