Horse Grooming Supplies

PFWH prides itself on distributing the finest and most unique horse grooming supplies available. Our products are carefully chosen for their high quality and outstanding performance.

We offer horse clippers such as the – Wahl Stable-Pro, Moser Arco by Wahl, Moser Bravura by Wahl, Moser Chromado by Wahl, Double K Poweredge Animal Clippers, Lister Star by Wahl, Lister Laser Clipper by Wahl, Lister Liberty Cordless clipper by Wahl.

PFWH is a leading distributor of horse and large animal dryers and vacs such as: the ChallangAir Equine Vac & Dryer by Double K, Circuiteer, Rapid Groom, Electro Groom by Electric Cleaner Co.

Our staff is always available, 800-869-8225, to help you choose the equipment best suited to your needs.