Quadruped Dog Shampoos and Conditioners

PFWH has chosen the Quadruped dog shampoo and conditioner line of grooming products as a companion to our outstanding Quadrabathe Bathing System.

The reputation and reviews of the Quadruped line of products over the years has prompted PFWH to make these products available to our valued customers.

Founded in 1997 initially to serve the professional pet grooming industry. Its development has been guided by our tender affection and compassion towards the pets our products are meant to serve. All products are cruelty free and have been developed and tested by professional groomers, dog and cat exhibitors, and veterinarians to enhance and fine-tune them for the maximum performance and ease of use for anyone involved in the aid and care of pets, from the professional groomer to the loving pet owner.

Quadruped Products are derived from natural ingredients and performance-enhanced by the use of botanical blends with an emphasis on utilizing the unique benefits of the Mojave Yucca Plant.


10% Discount on all orders of 4 or more gallons!