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The 5/A Baker Collection is an Equestrian collection of accessories inspired by the renowned horseblanket. The horse blanket that for over a century has been identified by its distinguishing English tartan and its so very durable triple weave construction. Offering a truly exceptional and exclusive collection of travel accessories, stable accessories, field blankets, outerwear and more, Ideal for the Consumer who will indeed appreciate the celebrated and esteemed 5/A Baker heritage, we bring you time-honored craftsmanship and traditional style.

The 5/A Baker label itself possesses such unique charm, character and most importantly a reputation of unmatched quality. In this fine tradition, we will continue to create a collection of accessories that will stand up to the rigors of frequent use while maintaining a polished image for the Equestrian enthusiast and who uses them. Equestrians continue purchasing 5/A Baker products because they represent a classic style consistent to a certain lifestyle. It is with this product that we will fill the needs of Consumer loyalty to both tradition and to an exceptional brand.

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