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We offer 22 years of expertise and guaranteed personal service. Our products include: Discount professional grooming supplies from Wahl Clipper, Double K, C-MON, Heritage Cutlery, Coat Handler, Galaxy Grooming, PetLift, and Lister Clipper. Discount Canine and Equine Supplements from Fastrack, Dog Bloom, The Missing Link, Arthogen and Underwood Horse Medicine. Annamaet Dog Food, Discounted Dog Beds from SSS Pet Care and Bowsers. Original Muck Boots, Paw Poncho dog boots

Bathing Systems

Simplify bathing your animal with our new bathing systems. Efficiently bathe and condition dogs using the grooming products of your choice.

Grooming Dryers

Find the best dryer that suits your needs. We carry many different dryers from the most trusted manfacturers.

Animal Shampoos

The perfect shampoos and conditioners for the widest range of coat types. Best in show results after every bathing. Dogs, cats, horse, and more.

Aqua Quest Pet Tub

A Total Stainless Steel Tub. Fabricated of Heavy 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Telescoping pull-out ramp for easy convenience. Removable Entry Door Allows For Complete View. Accommodates Breeds Up To 300 Lbs.


PFWH Discount Dog & Horse Supplies

Pet food Warehouse (PFWH) offers over 22 years of expertise and guaranteed personal service to our customers.  PFWH is a leader in offering innovative and useful items for pet groomers, dog breeders, pet owners, horse owners and veterinarians.  We sell only "Best in Class" products at discounted prices. PFWH continues to search for new and exciting pet and grooming supplies and products for pet owners, groomers, and veterinarians.  We specialize in products you won’t find in the average store, including grooming tables, muck boots, pet dryers, supplements, medicine, cages, exam and surgery tables and more.  We carry many reputable brands including: Wahl Clipper, Double K, C-MON, Heritage Cutlery, Coat Handler, PetLift, and Lister Clipper, from Fastrack, Dog Bloom, The Missing Link,  Annamaet Dog Food, from  Bowsers, and Paw Ponchos.  We not only offer a wide variety of  online pet supplies at discounted products, but we also offer superior customer service and the knowledge and expertise to answer your pet product questions.  We offer secure online orderingfor your peace of mind and security.  While you are visiting our site, don’t forget to check out our New Products and Closeouts to see our latest offerings in pet supplies and products as well as our deepest discounts.  

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